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A regular garage door is typically supported by a complex system of levers, springs and cables which help it raise and lower with minimum effort on your part. However, because of the complexity of the system, these parts do need to be checked for wear and tear ever so often. If you live in an area with adverse weather, these checks need to be performed much more often. Damaged garage doors are a common sight in San Diego, CA. We at Security Garage Doors provide a range of garage door maintenance and repair services at reasonable prices.

Garage door inspection:

Security Garage Doors San Diego, CA 858-519-1403These days, you will find a lot of DIY guides on the internet telling you how to repair your garage door or replace a broken spring. The problem with these guides is that they don’t often mention how hazardous this work can be. A portion of our contracts are customers who have attempted to perform their own repairs on their garage doors with disastrous results. A broken spring, while it may seem easy to replace, has to be refitted just right to avoid damage to your door or property and to keep your garage door functioning properly.

When you call Security Garage Doors, we will dispatch our experts to inspect your garage door and find the faults in the system. After a thorough inspection, we will hand you an estimate of the money required to fix your garage door, if that is possible, or having it replaced. Our process is fully transparent and there is no room for surprise surcharges later.

Damaged doors:

Doors can be damaged by a variety of causes. One of the most common causes is adverse weather. If you live in an area where your garage door has to face sleet or rain or snow, the weatherproofing on the door will wear off over time and it will soon begin to crack or develop faults in its surface. Some of the other causes for damaged doors include accidents like someone driving their vehicle into the door or even deliberate damage to the door by vandals. Call our experts to fix any damages to your garage doors.

Off-track garage doors:

Off-track garage doors can be a big annoyance to their owners. A section of the garage door may go “off-track” and cause the door to get stuck in place. Sometimes it’s impossible to get such garage doors to open or close, leaving your garage and, by extension, your home open to the weather and to thieves or vandals. If your door has gone off-track, it may have to be removed and refit into place. Some parts of your garage door’s opening mechanism may also need replacement – common replacement parts include broken springs and cables. The opening system may also need to be retuned.

You can contact us at Security Garage Doors, wherever you live in San Diego, CA, 24/7 for prompt service and speedy resolution to your problems. Our team will help you fix all kinds of damage to your garage door without getting in your hair, and we’re easy on your wallet too.